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Earth Rhythms

2012, The Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Earth Rhythms- Terzo Paradiso, Rebirth-Day

A vibrant electric tapestry was created from soils, sands and clays coming from throughout of New Zealand in an artwork created over 5 days and over 500 children in a 10 m long floor installation at The Wallace Art Gallery in Morrinsville.
The installation was a collaboration with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistolettos and International Worldwide Day of Change and collaborative action to celebrate positive environmental and social Rebirth - Third Paradise-. The work was then featured in presentations at Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Year One – Paradise on Earth exhibition presented at the Louvre, Paris, 2012.

In the instalment of the work Imagine the Land project worked with the 600 participants from 3 to 75 years of age over the duration of 5 days, running 8 art and education workshops a day to create this collaborative artwork. Regional schools from the rural area of Morrinsville delighted in the experience to participate and create. It was a truly outstanding event attracting 3500 visitors viewing the completed work during the 3-week exhibition. Imaginations of the regions youth were ignited by the experience. The opportunity to collaborate in a contemporary space brought a sense of pride, connection and place. Drawing generations of family and community together in an artwork the speaks of collective vision and unity.

Earth Rhythms

Imagine the Land was sele

Earth Rhythms


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