Imagine the land

Aine Tyrrell "In This House" (2018)

The song "In This House" embraces the importance of capturing the essence of the innate stories that are common across both Australia and Ireland. The history of Irish migration to Australia is a long one, with generations of tales told from both sides. Tyrrell engages in a dialogue with the complex history behind many of these tales; stories where others sailed to these shores, stole the land, a land that never invited them in.

The music video, filmed and edited by renowned Irish music and documentary maker Dara Munnis, sees Tyrrell led in dance by a group of Indigenous dancers from the Bunyarra Dance Collective, whilst an evocative and striking sand artwork is created by Karma Barnes from Imagine the Land Project. The inclusion of the dancers from the Bunyarra Dance Collective, and the artwork, allows for a dialogue between the two cultures, a sharing of stories and a chance for the narrative to be spoken, shared, and rewritten.

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